Job Titles

Chief Operating Officer – Banking

  • Employment Type:
  • Location:
  • No. of Vacancy: 1
  • Industry Area:
  • Key Skills: Banking Operation , IT Hardware & Software Management
  • Salary (Per Annum): $6000 - $7000 Free Furnished Bachlore Accommodation ,Fee Food , Travel Car
  • Work Experience: 15 yrs overall Banking experience , Handling IT Department both Software , Hardware , Infrastructure

Job Description

Reporting to : CEO and Board Of Management


The Chief Operating Officer plans, organizes, and controls all the day-to-day activities of the Bank; collaborates with the Chief Executive Officer in the overall administration of the Bank. Responsible for the management of Bank operation to ensure maximum profits commensurate with the best interest of shareholders, customers, employees, and the publicans assists in attaining established Bank operational and financial goals.

  1. Voting member of the Board of Management of the Bank after obtaining the required approvals.
  2. Day-to-day management activities by essentially ensuring the effective implementation of key decisions, coherence and coordination across the Bank.
  3. Ensure that the company’s IT systems and operational infrastructure support smooth execution of day-to-day operations.
  4. Ensureoperational compliance with Bank and DAB policies and procedures.
  5. Manage all operationsincluding system operation, data entry, end user customer service, finance/administration, and IT infrastructure management.
  6. Oversee product development, project management/client services,marketing operations, database management and reporting.
  7. Ensure proper physical and digital security of the bank’s staff, premises, CIT and properties.
  8. Establish and ensure a high level of customer relations and service in the bank.
  9. Develop and regularly up-dateoperational manual/procedures for all key processes, including operational process, cash management and data input/maintenance.
  10. Resource assessments/allocations to ensure sufficient technical and operational resources to meet bank’s requirements.
  11. Co-manage short-, mid-, and longer-term development projects in the bank.
  12. Oversee acquisition, maintenance and management of bank properties and assets.
  13. Enhance the performance management, training and development process in consultation with HR department.
  14. Set performance targets for direct reports, monitor performance and provide feedback to further development.
  15. Supervise cash management function through the entire bank.
  16. Reports to the Afghan Central Bank on regulatory reporting requirements.
  17. Manage and mitigate different aspects of risk involved in operational processes/procedures.
  18. Responsible for setting operational strategy for making the bank ahead of competitors in the market.
  19. Represent the bank from operational perspective in various meetings/seminars.
  20. Other job-related duties as assigned by the Management.

Roles reporting to the position:

All concerned department through the Head of departments

Education and Requirements 

  • At least Master degree MBA , preferably in Finance or Management field.
  • 10- 15 years related experience in a banking/financial institution and at least 5 years at senior managerial level (COO position).
  • Working knowledge of bank IT-Infrastructure,Software , policies, procedures and best practices.
  • Ability to design and implement innovative steps for operational efficiency.
  • Good knowledge of bank operational requirements with regard to the administration, staff management, compliance, risk, finance and legal functions of the bank.
  • Possess strong financial and analytic skills
  • Understanding of Afghan banking law and regulations.
  • Excellent communication and management skills
  • Good skill in computer literacy.
  • Proper judgement skill in resolving issues.
  • Being professional, disciplined and transparent

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